McKenna Marmolejo was born a Capricorn in Houston, TX and has lived in sunny Los Angeles since 2018. McKenna’s performance bug bit when she acquired a VHS double feature of CATS: The Musical. Unlike literally everyone on the planet, McKenna became obsessed with CATS; performing the full dance routines in her living room, introducing her own choreography to an audience of stuffed animals, and even making her parents’ students try out said choreography during their marching band practice. Despite being told many times to “get off the stage”, she refused to and hasn’t stopped since — luckily, it’s her job now! In addition to being an actor/singer/dancer (*jazz hands*), she dabbles in web design, obsesses over everything Disneyland, and loves to travel to national parks with her blue heeler puppy monster, Pilot. In her free time, she watches the Monterey Bay Aquarium sea otter webcam and is currently trying to learn Spanish so that people will finally believe she’s Latina. She double-dog dares you to pronounce her last name.